Short, Drama

A last minute change to a pumpkin carving date sends a young Mexican-American rocker into a panic and unexpectedly forces him to confront his broken relationship with his alcoholic immigrant father.

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Developed & Produced through Film Independent's Project Involve


Feature, Supernatural Horror Mystery

After uncovering a mysterious decades-old cold case, a driven Latina reporter must unravel an ancient conspiracy to stop a powerful studio executive from accessing the portal to Hell buried beneath a historic movie theater.

  • Second Rounder - Austin Film Festival Script Competition

"Enseñame Como Morir (Show Me How to Die)"

Short, Drama/Horror

After the passing of her aunt, a young Latina becomes obsessed with what it feels like to die.

  • Top 25 - Roadmap Shorts Competition
  • Semifinalist - WeScreenplay Shorts Contest
  • Quarterfinalist - Killer Shorts


Feature, Horror/Thriller 

After a horrific event leaves her an orphan, an avoidant Latina flees to college on the other side of the country, but a new group pushes her back home to confront those responsible for the pain she’s been running from.

  • Finalist - Emerging Screenwriters Genre Competition (Horror Top 10)
  • Finalist - Script2Comic Contest
  • Finalist - 13Horror.com Film & Screenplay Contest
  • Finalist (Top 50) - ISA Fast Track Fellowship
  • Semifinalist - ScreenCraft Horror Competition


Feature, Drama/Action

Cross has always dreamed of becoming a boxer like his hero Manny Pacquiao. When his mother’s diagnosed with kidney failure, Cross enters the San Fernando Valley’s world of backyard boxing  to earn extra money, but he soon discovers it’ll take more than his fists to become a man.

  • Stowe Story Labs - Selected Project
  • Semifinalist - Latino Screenwriting Project


Feature, Horror/Family

A  Halloween obsessed Mexican-American 5th grader is determined to win his school's annual costume contest by finding the most realistic monster makeup possible.

  • Finalist - 13Horror.com Film & Screenplay Contest
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